American Football 5.0

Technology is playing a major role in the digital transformation of popular pastimes. Improved personalization, added efficiency, and revenue increase have arisen due to the convergence of the physical and digital worlds through the IoT (Internet of Things) and AR (Augmented Reality), which is therefore helping the game thrive.

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City 4.0 – Towards a Sustainable, Competitive, and Beneficial City

Social, environmental, political, and economic issues require progressive, technological, and constant solutions. The city and the urban territory reflect all of these challenges in a close and concrete microcosm.

How can we help essential medical workers learn remotely?

How can we help essential medical workers learn remotely? Check out this interview to see how Fernando Salvetti and Barbara Bertagni are integrating the latest trends from digitalization, virtualization and artificial intelligence to build powerful solutions for medical simulation, jointly with the experts from the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston.


Digitalization is the generic term for the digital transformation of society and the economy; it describes the transition from an industrial age characterized by analogue technologies to an age of knowledge and creativity characterized by digital technologies and digital business innovation. Alongside business innovation, digitalization – the development of digital innovations – is one of the most important business trends for the future of the economy because companies need to develop digital strategies and focus on the key success factors of digital transformation.

Digital Technology for Museum Tourism

Digital heritage is becoming an increasingly attractive dimensión for museums because it provides audiences with ground-breaking and memorable experiences. Innovative exhibition designs and technologies bolster the creation of new spaces and solutions that conserve and promote cultural heritage, and e-REAL is at the Forefront of this movement.

How Has the COVID-19 Epidemic Changed Museums?

Due to the raging COVID-19 epidemic, museums are facing vital challenges in their existence and development. These challenges include preserving and promoting cultural heritage values, and being able to remain engaged with the public; this requires museums to adapt to the times, thus changing their current ways of displaying and applying exhibits in order to attract visitors.

Environmental Design and Multisensory Experience at the Polytechnic School of Milan, Design Department

Two e-REAL systems are installed at the Polytechnic School of Milan within the EDME (Environmental Design and Multisensory Experience) Interdepartmental Laboratory of the Design Department, directed by Prof. Mario Bisson.

Society 5.0

Society 5.0 first appeared in the Fifth Science and Technology Basic Plan—a five-year national strategy formulated by the Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation (CSTI), adopted by the Japanese Cabinet in January 2016. In short, Society 5.0 is a future society that Japan should aspire to be.

Telemedicine: The Challenge of Connected Care

COVID-19 has brought to light the need to rethink and innovate healthcare models. Telemedicine provides remote assistance, especially for chronic patients, those who need constant monitoring of their state of health, and those who receive specific indications from their doctor.

Virtual Reality and Autism

Even the best-intentioned people cannot fully understand what life is like for autistic individuals when it is described only in words.

Virtual Team Working

Information technology is providing the infrastructure necessary to support the development of new organizational forms that could revolutionize the workplace and provide organizations with unprecedented levels of flexibility and responsiveness.

The New Generation of Learning Management Systems: Roxane Gardner at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Sharing and mixing up the latest trends from neurosciences, artificial intelligence, and advanced simulation allows us to establish a new paradigm for education and training. A landmark event was possible thanks to Stefano Gustincich, Deputy Director for Technologies for Life Science at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa and Full Professor in Applied Biology at SISSA Trieste, and to Marco Monga, the IIT’s HR Director—in cooperation with Daniela Persano, President of AIDP Liguria which is the regional chapter of the HR Directors Society of Italy.

Learning 4.0! Advanced simulation, immersive experiences and artificial intelligence, flipped classrooms, mentoring and coaching in the age of digital revolution.

Are you ready for the 4.0 revolution? How to improve the way that science, technology, engineering and math, as well as the arts and the humanities are taught and learned? What are you doing as an educator to grasp the 4.0 revolution? Advanced simulation, immersive experiences and artificial intelligence, flipped classrooms, mentoring and coaching in the age of digital revolution. This is Learning 4.0, our latest book!

The First Graduation Day Within the e-REAL Lab at the Polytechnic School of Milan

July 2018, Milan, Polytechnic School. For the first time in Italy, a graduation thesis was defended within an e-REAL Lab.

Enjoy Italian Cultural Heritage Like Never Before: No Matter Where You Live! A Ready-to-Install Package for Museums and Leisure Parks

Experience an exciting gondola ride in Venice and the Canaletto’s masterpieces of arts. Fly like an eagle on the Italian Dolomites mountains and land within the Science Museum in Trento.

Logosnet, Simnova & Polytechnic School of Turin Empower Basic Life Support and Defibrillation Training by Augmented Reality and Holograms

Basic life support and defibrillation training made easy and effective by augmented reality and holograms!

Leading for the Future: An Innovative Package of Leadership and Management Development

Leading for the Future is an innovative package of leadership and management development which has been designed specifically for people in senior leadership positions within a corporation headquartered in Western Europe.

e-REAL to Improve Teamwork and Crisis Resource Management for Labor and Delivery Clinicians at the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston

Improving teamwork and crisis resource management for Labor and Delivery clinicians is a very relevant goal. Brain activity from thoughts, visualization, evocation of memories and emotions should be able to contribute to the learning process, mainly during the early stage of a simulation based program.

Logosnet Brings Microsoft HoloLens to Drive Speed, Creativity and Collaboration

What today we know about learning from cognitive psychology is that people learn by practicing, with feedback to tell them what they’re doing right and wrong and how to get better.