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An Interactive and Immersive Graduation: First Time in Italy!

July 2018, Milan, Polytechnic School. For the first time in Italy, a graduation thesis was defended within an e-REAL Lab. The discussion was enhanced by interactive visual communication within an immersive environment. The candidate gave a 25 minute presentation of the work and, following the presentation, the chair invited the examining committee to ask questions to the candidate. Within a regular setting, the candidate’s visual communication was exceptional due to dynamic and interactive visualizations: all displayed on 3 walls made interactive by proximity sensors and working as they were big screens (writable and interactive).

The New e-REAL Lab at the Polytechnic School of Milan

Since May 2018, an e-REAL Lab is working at the Polytechnic School of Milan within the the ED-ME (Environmental Design and Multisensory Experience) Interdepartmental Laboratory of the Design Department, directed by Prof. Mario Bisson. The Departments that have taken part in its creation are: Design; Mechanical Engineering; Electronics, Information and Bioengineering; and Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering. Within such an interdisciplinary lab, e-REAL—as a technology, a philosophy, and a pedagogy–contributes definitively to enhance visual and interactive communication, as well as immersive experiences.

Thesis, Flipped Classrooms, Immersive Experiences

Thesis defenses, as well as flipped classrooms and immersive experiences, can be performed in a very innovative way thanks to the e-REAL system. Visual communication and new interactive media embedded within the e-REAL system are engaging and easy to use, generating effective visual outputs not comparable with the common existing solutions.