Dicono di noi

Marco Borradori,Esq., Major of Lugano, Switzerland

A great chance for Lugano

Ignazio Cassis,Head of the Foreign Affairs Dept., Swiss Confederal Government, Bern, Switzerland

A great solution, very fascinating

Prof. Dr. Boas Erez,Rector of the University of the Italian Switzerland, Lugano

A great solution for a great event!

Dr. Yves Ubelmann,Founder Iconem, Paris, France

The right solution for an effective immersive setting

Prof. Dr. William Barnett,Professor of Business Leadership, Strategy and Organizations, Stanford Graduate School of Business

A strategic tool to enhance learning into the digitalized world

Dr. Jay Levenson,Director International Programs, MoMA, New York, NY

Highly advisable.

Stella Dawson,Communications Lead, CGAP - World Bank Group, Washington DC, USA

Thank you for the fascinating presentation on virtual reality techniques to enhance our e-learning
offerings and organizational meetings, particularly for collaborative projects. We appreciate the
insights into what new technologies offer in providing immersive experiences. It provides much food for thought as CGAP progresses.

Dr. Eng. Calogero Casilli,Entrepreneur and Innovation Expert, Terin Consortium, Research Park, Brindisi, Italy.

I valuted the high potential of e-REAL personally attending a demonstrative session within the e-REAL
Lab at the Polytechnic School of Milan, Design Department. I really understood the strength of this innovative solution alsofor the development of my business.

Dr. Luca Carenzo,Anesthesiologist, Critical Care Clinical Fellow, Royal London Hospital, UK; Faculty at World Extreme Medicine, Axminster, UK; Instructor at Simnova Medical Simulation Center, University of Eastern Piedmont, Novara, Italy.

Experienttial learning with a 360-degree approach: really unique!

Dr. Cristina Maggiora,Project Expert - Health and Wellness, Piemonte Agency for Investments, Turin, Italy

Really immersive and so futuristic!

Mr Mohammed Issa Al-Issa,Senior Executive from Tawuniya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Totally new and unexpected

Dr. Hussain Al Mahmoudi,CEO of AUS Enterprises, American University of Sharjah, UAE

Welcome to the future of education and training

Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Muthanna,President of the American University in the Emirates, Dubai, UAE

Visualization and interaction are very interesting leads for university education

Dr. Ali Al Qayedi and Mohammed Al Marzooqi,Executive Directors from Etisalat Academy, Dubai, UAE

Innovation at its edge

Prof. Dr. Ecmel Ayral,Board of Trustees, Bilgi University and Founding Partner of Sirius Group, Istanbul,Turkey

First, I was informed about e-REAL by Prof. Salvetti and then when I had the chance to
experience it in Dubai, I was really impressed about its impact on the learning process, a coimmersion
opportunity with fellow learners with whom you can share a room or merely our
planet by online synchronous learning. I'd recommend a first-hand experience and I'm sure
it is further developed than it was a few years ago. I'd love to re-immerse into that and create
learning processes utilizing this state-of-the-art system.

Dr. Monica Veronesi,Director of ISSNAF – Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation, Los Angeles, USA

Thanks to e-REAL, reality and virtuality are merging in the US!

Mr Stefano Salimbeni,Reporter, RAI Italia International TV

Interactive visualization to enter the future at the Harvard Center for Medical Simulation in Boston

Dr. Elisabetta Ullmann,Co-Founder and Director of AIFIC - The American Initiative for Italian Culture, Washington DC, USA

The e-REAL immersive experience within the today’s Venice and the past Pompei that I had in
Washington DC, within the Italian Embassy, was so amazing and involving.

Prof. Dr. Toni Beth Walzer,Center for Medical Simulation, Boston; Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston

e-REAL helps us bring our simulations to a new level, and it will help us to teach our residents
vaginal surgery.

Dr. Elena Tragni,Director of Training at the “Luigi Gusmeroli” Center of the Red Cross of Italy, Bologna

e-REAL is a really innovative solution!

Prof. Dr. Maurizio Menarini,Senior Anesthesiologist from the “Maggiore” Hospital in Bologna; Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of Bologna; National Technical Delegate of the Red Cross of Italy; President of the Italian Society for Simulation in Healthcare

e-REAL foster both technical and behavioral skills within a state-of-the-art setting.

Dr. Di Pan Do,Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, Center for Advanced Medical Simulation, New York

I think that e-REAL is amazing and useful

Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Ingrassia,Director of the Simnova Center for Medical Simulation, University of the Eastern Piedmont, Novara, Italy

What an interesting tool that is e-REAL!

Prof. Dr. Ianna Contardo,Faculty at Financial Times in London and at IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance, Madrid

Positive encouragement in business education is not just a premise, it is a duty, a crunch and a
happy, successful method. Once your goals are reached, you are there. Transforming realities add value because you get out of doldrums and reach balance. The impressive power and continued
improvement by e-Real demonstrate equality in professions is offered to human beings of deep
potential, strong will and high ambitions. What you do not see, will meet you, and e-Real opens your eyes onto the infinite possibilities of different intelligence.

Prof. Dr. Michele La Rosa,Director of the CIDOSPEL-International Center for Sociology of Work and Organization and Professor of Sociology of Work, University of Bologna, Italy

A disruptive innovation for education and training. So immersive and effective!

Mr Alessandro Ianniello,graduated student from the Polytechnic School of Milan, Design Department, author of a master thesis about e-REAL

I worked with the e-REAL software to defend my Master Thesis in Product Design for Innovation at the EDME Lab. It allowed me to actively interact with the images and videos related to my speech, so I was enabled to involve the audience—that lived an immersive and pretty multisensory experience.

Ms Glenda Lombardo,graduated student from the University “Bicocca” in Milan, author of a master thesis about e-REAL

e-REAL seems to me a fusion between tradition and innovation, a mix generating an interesting and effective combination.

Prof. Dr. Raoul Nacamulli,Scientific Director of the Training Development Center and Professor of Management, University “Bicocca” of Milan, Italy

Amazing real!

Prof. Dr. Andrea Cerroni,Director Master Program MaCSIS on Communication of Science and Sustainable Development and Professor of Sociology of Science, University “Bicocca” of Milan, Italy

With e-REAL, no more excuses: the only limit of communication is in what you want to share!

Dr. Abdulhai Megdad,CEO Mega Consult, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I have been using e-real technology with ourselves and our clients in the region for the past three
years, we found the technology as highly innovative and made the training highly interactive with a very engaging experience, i recommend this technology to be considered in all training to our clients all the time

Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Cantoni,USI – University of the Italian Switzerland, Lugano Faculty of Communication Sciences, Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication

e-REAL is particularly interesting in that it is able to orchestrate and blend physical environments
with computer generated ones, so to provide very rich training experiences.

Dr. Elizabeth Filippouli,Founder & CEO, Global Thinkers Forum & Global Thinkers Mentors, London

e-REAL brings the future to the world of healthcare and education, and it introduces an entirely new experience to immersive learning and remote implementation.

Mauricio Gonzales,Digital Marketer & Founder, Good Design, Houston, Texas

It is fascinating to see how e-REAL's one-of-a-kind immersive experiences and environment benefits so many students and professionals in different industries. The insights obtained from e-REAL's technologies are simply invaluable.

Mr Martin Morales,Senior Vice President Relationship Management at BBVA Compass in Austin, Texas, and Chairman of the Austin Chapter of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas

Welcome to the 21st Century! e-Real is the most innovative solution to arrive on the scene I have ever experienced. Their systems and programs are truly miraculous.

Mr Fahad Abdulrahman Al Qadhib,Talent Development Manager, Tawuniya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Engaging and effective

Prof. Dr. David Guralnick,Founder and President of Kaleidoscope Learning, President of the International e-Learning Association and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College, New York (USA).

I've been very impressed with e-REAL's simulations--they're wonderfully detailed and realistic.
The possible uses of e-REAL's technology for learning-by-doing education are endless!

Dr. Antonio Scuderi,Founder & Managing Partner, Capitale Cultura & ARt Glass, Milan, Italy and Lugano, Switzerland

e-Real is a cutting-edge solution, creating valuable experiences either ways for educational and
cultural environments. Its immersive and easy to handle formula may actually bring value in
whichever scenario where knowledge transfer is the key result to achieve.

Dr. Martino Zinzone,Assistant Professor in Visual Elements of Project, Department of Design, Polytechnic School of Milan, Italy

The e-REAL team is always and easily available in case of need, enthusiast, positive, propositive
and flexible. It’s a team open to collaboration and committed to really tailored and co-designed
solutions. An enthusiast, immersive and wow team, aimed at aggregating people and ideas!

Prof. Dr. Arch. Mario Bisson,Director EDME Lab and Professor of Industrial Design, Department of Design, Polytechnic School of Milan, Italy

e-REAL is very interesting, interactive, experiential, gamified, easy, intelligent, beautiful, multisensory

Prof. Dr. Roxane Gardner,Senior Director Clinical Programs and Director Simulation Fellowship & International Scholars Program, Center for Medical Simulation; Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School; Faculty member of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston

We are learning how to use e-REAL and incorporating into our simulations. It’s a very big learning curve.

Dr. Nicola De Santis,General Consul of Italy, Boston, USA

So impressive!

Prof. Dr. Jenny Rudolph,Executive Director, Center for Medical Simulation; Assistant Clinical Professor of Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School; Faculty member of the Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

Your work in augmented-virtual reality and immersive learning environments is really expanding
learning horizons for us!

An Interview with Fernando Salvetti and Barbara Bertagni

By Melissa Cirino and Gary Rossi

One of the best things about working at the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) are the incredibly talented, thoughtful and interesting people that we collaborate with all over the world. Two of these individuals are Fernando Salvetti and Barbara Bertagni, the founders of LOGOSNET and its e-REAL platform. E−REAL is an online platform that creates interactive virtual and augmented reality environments that provide users with an enhanced immersive simulation experience. E-Real is the merging of real and virtual worlds. It is a system where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time, in a real place and not within a headset.
The CMS Team first met Fernando several years ago when he toured the Center and raised the possibility of our organizations working together. That meeting blossomed into a collaboration that has included using the e-REAL platform in our teamwork and crisis resource management workshops as well as coauthoring papers and presenting together at international conferences.

CMS recently had the opportunity to ask Fernando and Barbara some questions about the e-REAL platform, its impact on simulation and some of the things that they will be doing over the upcoming year. (Note: some answers were edited for space and clarity)

CMS: What are you currently working on that you are excited about?

F&B: We are mixing up the latest trends from digitalization, virtualization and artificial intelligence with the goal of building powerful solutions for medical simulation. Currently, we’re experimenting with highly-realistic digital humans and a new generation of avatars to improve communication skills using natural interaction and native languages. Louise (pictured) is a representative digital human who is designed to simulate a real person with a real personality and real emotions. Her ability to affect various “attitudes” is essential for recreating ultra-realistic interactions through a virtual environment. Louise can assist a team by replicating real-life situations that teach crisis management, negotiation, conflict management, or guide conversations with challenging and even difficult people.”.

CMS: How is e-REAL evolving?

F&B: Because of COVID-19, many activities formerly held in person are migrating online. With CMS’ Drs. Roxane Gardner and Rebecca Minehart, we are beta testing the e-REAL online platform to allow simulations in a virtual environment that display challenging situations in 3D. And, unlike other Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions, e-REAL allows users to experience full immersion without the need for glasses or goggles. It is an easy and memorable experience with a robust learning outcome.

CMS: What do you think people will find surprising about your current work?

F&B: The feedback we most often receive is that they didn’t expect such easy access to an intensely engaging and meaningful experience. We are very happy about this, because our efforts are aimed at designing solutions that empower learning with a strong focus on the user experience, for both the learners and trainers. We believe that flexible and user-friendly solutions are needed in learning. We designed e-REAL in a way that makes this possible.

CMS: How do you see your work helping others?

F&B: Our goal is to build significant learning solutions that help educators and “simulationistas” integrate new technologies into their practice that boost learning in easy and effective ways. A large part of our job involves checking on new technologies, designing new solutions, and conducting research on the outcomes in order to help trainers facing the new challenges.

CMS: What impact do you hope to have on the field of simulation and education?

F&B: E-Real is at the forefront of a trend that COVID-19 is accelerating. Reality in the digital age is becoming more and more virtual and based on being part of shared infospheres. With e-REAL, we are contributing to the growth of an approach that enables a multilayer vision. The many levels of the situation are made available simultaneously by overlaying multple sources of information, such as words, numbers, images, etc. within an augmented reality display and without needing to wear special glasses. By visualizing relations between topics, contextual factors, cognitive maps, and dynamic cognitive aids, e-REAL improves also the learners’ cognitive retention.

CMS: What’s coming up next?

F&B: A new publication is about to appear, titled Enhanced Reality for Medical Simulation, that we co-wrote with CMS’ Drs. Roxane Gardner and Rebecca Minehart. Later, it will be added into the book edited by Anthony Lewis Brooks, Sheryl Brenham, Bill Kapralos, Amy Nakajima, Jane Tyerman, Lakhmi Jain, titled Recent Advances in Technologies for Inclusive Well-Being: Virtual Patients, Gamification and Simulation (Springer, 2020).
Next year, along with Drs. Roxane Gardner and Rebecca Minehart, we will present a live online 60-minute interactive experience at IMSH 2021 about Learning 4.0 titked Easy to Use Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. It is scheduled for March 16th at 7 pm EST. We are pre-recording other workshops including, Digital Future into Medical Simulation and another called Digital Learning, Tele-simulation and Avatar-Based Role Playing Activities. There is also a workshop within the Simventors session that will be a practical demonstration of the e-REAL Speech Analysis Tool. This tool can individually track both the tone of voice and spoken words of learners during a particular simulation, providing a semantic and pragmatic overview of interpersonal communication aimed at detecting emotions and fixation errors.

Fonte: https://harvardmedsim.org/blog/an-interview-with-fernando-salvetti-and-barbara-bertagni-of-e-real

e-REAL Launches its New Multi-Sensory Scenario in the George Washington University Immersive Mobile Learning Lab

Houston, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – October 10, 2022) – Texas-based e-REAL announces the launch of its new multi-sensory scenario in George Washington University’s Immersive Mobile Learning Lab. The new ‘Multi-sensory Scenario ‘ is an interactive digital classroom designed as a projected and interactive wall, which displays challenging situations before users. It uses visual storytelling techniques enhanced by digital humans, and virtual objects to create emergency scenarios for those users and helps them solve critical issues and problems in those scenarios.

The Immersive Mobile Learning Lab at the university is a uniquely designed truck that has been transformed into a moving digital learning center with the help of advanced technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Enhanced Reality. The initiative intends to bridge the gap between the classroom and the field. The learning environment inside the truck is designed according to the STEAM approach which stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

The STEAM approach uses science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics as tools to promote inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking in the learners. It intends to help learners to take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, absolve problems, use virtual technology, and interact with life and health science experts from the George Washington University. The lab incorporates the latest immersive learning technologies to help critical thinking and applied learning and to maximize student learning and engagement.

“This is totally an innovative way to teach and learn science, technology, engineering and math because usually students are taught one way by the faculty. In this case, the students are challenged with emergency situations and are further taught to manage those situations in an effective, interactive and immersive way. with the help of a multi-sensory scenario”, says Fernando Salvetti, Founder and Managing Partner of e-REAL.

The Multi-sensory scenario developed by e-REAL intends to provide corporations, schools, hospitals, museums etc with effective and interactive learning and training methodologies through its immersive and interactive platform. It enhances corporate training by boosting the communication and behavioral skills of the employees and also helps the leadership in their decision-making process.

“Our multi-sensory scenario uses visual storytelling techniques to display challenging situations before the users. It also helps them manage those situations by providing both online and real-world solutions through an immersive and interactive environment. The Immersive Mobile Learning Lab facilitates the students with an enhanced reality for immersive simulation. It merges the real world and the virtual world by creating a ‘phygital’ environment for hybrid simulation where physical and digital objects are available for tactile, visual, gesture and vocal interaction in an advanced learning setting – the metaverse is here”, says Barbara Bertagni, Founder and Managing Partner of e-REAL.

About e-REAL

e-REAL was founded by Fernando Salvetti and Barbara Bertagni with a group of passionate simulation experts with a combination of educational, clinical, and business knowledge. e−REAL is expanding as an applied research project
performed by Centro Studi Logos (Turin, Italy). It is supported by Logos Knowledge Network (Lugano, Switzerland), LKN (Berlin, Germany), and Logosnet (Houston, Texas, US); and developed technologically and for multimedia content in collaboration with Tiny Bull Studios (Turin, Italy) and several top simulations and research institutions.

Fonte: https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2022-10-10/e-real-launches-its-new-multi-sensory-scenario-in-the-george-washington-university-immersive-mobile-learning-lab

e-REAL Unveils Its AI-Programmed Avatar: A Digital Human That Can Express Human Emotions

Houston, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – October 11, 2022) – Texas-based e-REAL unveils its AI-programmed avatar aiming to help people improve their competencies through role play. The avatar can simulate a comprehensive range of verbal and para-verbal languages. They can interact with learners through verbal and non-verbal means and facial expressions. They are powered by artificial intelligence and can engage in dialogues and perform various simulation scenarios.

The avatar has been designed to help users enhance their skills and competencies in an immersive and interactive learning environment. e-REAL creates an effective experiential learning environment with the help of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. According to the company, the avatar can help improve learners’ emotional intelligence and communication skills in an immersive and interactive way. It allows people to practice in various scenarios and helps learners understand and manage different situations.

e-REAL’s avatar can play the role of a patient, colleague, client, boss or visitor amongst others, according to different situations and locations. The most important aspect of the avatar is that it can express emotions like happiness, anger, fear etc. It teaches learners how to deal in an empathetic manner with different people in a powerful and engaging way; situations include, how to negotiate in business and dealing with difficult people in your team. These avatars are designed to help learners deal with unforeseen events and manage emergency situations.

“Our avatar is an animated real-time amateur. Usually, we work with a methodology of simulation. When we work with organizations, we use avatars to simulate and practice communication skills, behavior skills and other soft skills. The avatar helps users develop the art of negotiation, conflict management, dealing with a difficult client etc. It can easily connect to any digital brain to share knowledge. Additionally, they are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they are ideal for individual and team skill training,” says Fernando Salvetti and Barbara Bertagni, co-founders of e-REAL.

About e-REAL

e-REAL was founded by Fernando Salvetti and Barbara Bertagni with a group of passionate simulation experts with a combination of educational, clinical, and business knowledge. e−REAL is expanding as an applied research project performed by Centro Studi Logos (Turin, Italy). It is supported by Logos Knowledge Network (Lugano, Switzerland), LKN (Berlin, Germany), and Logosnet (Houston, Texas, US); and developed technologically and for multimedia content in collaboration with Tiny Bull Studios (Turin, Italy) and several top simulations and research institutions.

 Fonte: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/e-real-unveils-ai-programmed-143200668.html?guccounter=1