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Technology is playing a major role in the digital transformation of popular pastimes. Improved personalization, added efficiency, and revenue increase have arisen due to the convergence of the physical and digital worlds through the IoT (Internet of Things) and AR (Augmented Reality), which is therefore helping the game thrive.

A popular pastime example is American Football, wherein coaches and players are leveraging the power of AR technologies to improve performance during training sessions. In the near future, most industry experts and analysts expect AR to spawn markets worth billions of dollars because they offer immersive experiences unmatched by any existing technology.

Having a solid game plan in football is how teams succeed, so why wouldn’t they leverage their best option?

With e-REAL, we at Logosnet have been developing a solution that could completely transform the way American Football Clubs approach playbook analysis and game planning.

e-REAL can be used to simulate game-like situations in a radically immersive way. e-REALredefines the meaning of film study and game prep by providing a new way to visualize weekly match-ups and drastically improve players’ Football IQ.