Learn through play

Learn new concepts and develop your skills through play. Custom-built individual and team games to promote personal and professional learning and growth.

Our team of learning and video gaming experts is at your service to create a customized game as part of an educational journey or as a stand-alone experience.
Choose whether you prefer to play on our online platform or create an immersive gaming experience inside the e-REAL room.

Some of our latest games

Immersive team game designed and directed by a team of military pilots and cognitive psychologists with the goal of boosting the effectiveness of team problem solving.

Every decision is important to achieve the goal. Every minute counts. The emotional pressure is high.

The team of instructors is present throughout the experience, pushing the team to perform to its full potential and conducting the final debrief in the same style used in the Air Force.

The game can be fully customized.

  • Strengthens team spirit
  • Accelerates the acquisition of effective strategies for team communication and critical thinking
  • Different game modes:
    – in person in the immersive e-REAL room
    – in hybrid mode
    – on the online platform
  • Recognized at the 2021 Learning Ideas Conference at Columbia University in New York

Immersive experience for training of sales skills.

Sales Game is a sales simulator. The player connects to the platform and tackles scenarios with different levels of complexity, analyzing documents, making decisions, talking to a virtual prospect, and implementing their strategies to close the sale.

The system tracks each decision and timely feedback is provided at the end of each round.

  • Boosts emotional intelligence in selling
  • Allows you to train at any time from any location
  • The experience is fully customizable

Immersive cooperative game set in space. Players are required to make critical decisions, share information quickly and effectively, and manage emotional and time pressure.

Virtual reality transports you to a spaceship – you have a matter of minutes to get out of the maze you are trapped in before the entire planet explodes.

Only the leader can see the maze -through the Hololens headset – while the team members have access to the controls to guide the spacecraft, but cannot see where they are going.

To win, mutual trust, effective communication and leadership are required.

  • Engaging and entertaining
  • Strengthens leadership and collaboration between management and employees
  • Game environment: Immersive e-REAL room + Hololens headset
  • Recognized and published in the International Journal – Advanced Corporate Learning in 2018.

Mixed reality collaborative game from the Science Game series. Enter the e-REAL chemistry lab and interact with real pipettes and test tubes to manage reactions in the virtual world.

  • Operate safely in a real lab
  • Fun and learning are guaranteed
  • Immersive mixed reality lab

What are the benefits of serious gaming?

Keeps attention levels high
Generates strong involvement
Promotes team collaboration
Allows immediate feedback on performance