The art of engagement in the sciences

Boost sensitivity, expertise and engagement with science issues. Accompany your audience while they explore new concepts and build bridges between experts and the public. We help you develop innovative communications to present complex scientific topics, projects, and products.


We help you visualize your content in a way that makes it more user-friendly. We make both the outside and the inside visible: the infinitely small and the infinitely large, colors, shapes, sequences, flows and relationships. As a result, we can make even the most complex issues more accessible.

  • 3D Animation
  • Infographics
  • Data Visualization


We design interactive scenarios for STEM education aimed at actively engaging students in solving team challenges. Students are encouraged to experiment, explore, and get involved to find effective solutions.
It is possible to track all activities and receive final feedback.


Enter the Mixed Reality Lab. Pick up real instruments and observe reactions in the virtual world. Give your students the opportunity to learn safely. Guarantee lab accessibility to all your students, even when resources and space are limited.


Communicate your activities effectively. Surprise your audience with interactive visualizations and immersive installations that make it easy to experience and explore even the most complex topics.
With e-REAL, you can make any space a highly immersive and interactive space.


Present your content through interactive videos.
We create branching videos that allow you to interact and change the course of events and possible endings. Put your audience center stage.


Engage your audience with individual and team games aimed at learning and developing their science skills.
Our team of learning and video game experts is at your service to create games tailored to your needs.
We make games for both children and adults.